R A E  H O U S E

C R E A T I V E   M A R K E T I N G  



Mary Ellen Slone

MES Enterprises, LLC

"Rae House not only has a TON of artistic talent, she also brings something unique to her craft – the ability to listen to what the particular client really needs.  I have relied on Rae's abilities as 'back up' for many, many years.

She's good. She's fast.  And SHE "GETS IT!"


Mary Ellen has a proven history of documented communications leadership, resulting in successes which resonated and generated positive results/outcomes for many businesses.

She is also the Founder & Chairperson of M.E.R & Associates Advertising which garnering a slew of awards in it's 25 year reign.  In addition, she was named 7 different times as Business Woman of the Year.

R E A D  M O R E